Everyone can share information about First Five SC

We all have a role to play in supporting our communities and families—First Five SC can help connect families you know to publicly funded programs that help young children and their parents. 

First Five SC has thousands of visitors each month, and we want everyone to be able to find great information about public programs.

One easy way is to follow us on Facebook, then tag friends in comments, and share posts with your network.

You can download outreach materials to share, images for your webpages, and see FAQs below.

Want print materials to share at events such as health fairs, parent groups, festivals and celebrations? Use our order form at the bottom of the page.

Marketing Materials

See our brand guidelines for reference on use of First Five logo

Download and use logos on your website and social media:  
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Use this information to demo or test the site, you may also adjust the address, dates of birth, and income information in order to test additional possible results, so long as TEST DEMO is contained in the name field:


Email: Test@Test.com

Phone: Test

How heard: Family/Friend

Child’s Date of Birth: January 8, 2018

Address: 1520 Wheat Street, Columbia, SC, USA

Household Circumstances/Additional Criteria: select any or all

Household Size: 3

Household Income: 23,000

The First Five SC development team can update program contact information and availability in real time. Please send the update/change request using our feedback form.

Use the feedback form and include as much details as possible, so that the issue can be addressed.  Simple corrections can be made in minutes, and if there are any larger function questions, we can address those swiftly as well to ensure all information is up to date in real time.

Send it to the development team using the feedback form

The First Five SC development team collects feedback from community members and stakeholders to continually improve First Five SC as a responsive resource for parents across SC.  This input is essential to co-create and refine the user experience.

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